B R Stacey Fencing supply and erect all types of Fencing from small garden Fences to high security Fencing.

Our team of professional fencers are experts in all aspects of fencing including:

Traditional Close Board Fencing

This is a very popular type of fencing, it is where you have a number of rails (depending on the height) between two posts with mortise holes drilled in them, you then nail each feather edge board vertical to the rails with a overlap to stop gaps between the boards. you then have the choice if you would like capping on the tops of the boards.

Close Board Fence Panels

This type of panel is similar to traditional Close Board Fencing, the only difference is that the boards are already nailed on to the rails with capping on.

Waney Lap Fence Panels

These panels give your fence a more rustic look, they are horizontal rough cut boards overlapping each other, held together by three batons on either side of the fence panel.

Nottingham Fence Panels

These decorative and durable panels are designed to give your garden that stylish look, they are made up of horizontal slats either side of 2 Batons down the middle for strength, the top of the panel is made up of small box trellis in the shape of a wave.

York Arch Panels

Another panel that is designed for a more decorative look, the frame is shaped in a square at the bottom with the top being arched, it has multiple batons between two sets of slats lining both sides of the panel with the slats angled towards the middle and both sides meeting flush in the middle along the centre baton.

Timber Palisade Fencing

With this type of fencing you can choose between three different looks, they are round top, pointed top and flat top. they are all installed in the same way just a different finish on the top. This types of fencing has vertical slats nailed onto rails but instead of overlapping you create a hit and miss effect.

Post and Rail Fencing

This type of fencing is more for marking boundary’s, it consists of two posts with rails stretching across them covering half the post leaving space to join other rails to the post and to make the rails meet flush together.

Jackson’s Fencing Approved Installers

B R Stacey Fencing have been labeled approved installers for Jackson’s fencing, this qualify’s us to install all types of Jackson’s fencing from small simple palisade to luxurious tongue and grove panels.

Chain Link Fencing

This is a type of woven fence usually made from galvanised or powder-coated steel wire. The wires run vertically and are bent into a zig-zag pattern so that each zig hooks with the wire immediately on one side and each zag with the wire immediately on the other. This form a diamond pattern this fence is known for.

Weld Mesh Fencing

This type of fencing is similar to chain link the difference is that weld mesh is welded together so it doesn’t move around and bend easily and it also is shaped in boxes instead of diamond.

Steel Palisade Fencing

This type of fencing is like to timber palisade but normally tends to be taller, it is made of steel and the top is shaped like a W which gives its name W section. It is attached by bolting onto metal rails that are attached to steel posts.

Metal Railings

We install a few different types of railing, they include bow top, pointed top and flat top.

Bespoke Sheds

We can build you a shed to fit any size gap you have, from small sheds to big sheds.


We supply and install a variety of different gates from large field gates to small side house gates. If the gap is too small for a standard gate don’t worry because we can build you one on the spot. We can build close board gates, tongue and grove gates and palisade gates.


Concrete spurs are a regular job for us, when your fence posts have snapped this is what we use to make it strong again, they are a sturdy post of concrete that you half bury in the floor and leave half sticking out then bolt to the post and strengthen with post mix.

Gate Adjustments

Including hinges, pad bolts, hasp and staple, ring latch, handle, drop bolts, key locks etc